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Zero Waste

What does zero waste mean?
Zero waste is a lifestyle that aims at protecting the environment by reusing, recycling and repurposing as much as possible. The goal is to reduce the amount of trash an individual is sending to landfills or incinerators.

What is a zero waste manufacturer?
Zero waste manufacturing is a way for companies to protect the environment, by aiming to reduce and altogether eliminate the waste that is created as a result of making or producing a product.

What is Rustic Strength doing to influence the industry?
From start to finish, Rustic Strength is utilizing, as many resources as possible to make sure both the production of our products and the end products themselves can be completely recyclable.

• Our laundry detergent is 60% biodegradable in 10 days and will completely biodegrade by the end of its life cycle.

• Part of the detergent formula is made with renewable resources.

• Material barrels are sent back to the supplier to be recycled.

• The boxes that we receive our bottles in are recycled as filler for shipments.

• Both our glass and plastic jugs are 100% recyclable, reusable or repurposed.

• In the near future, you can expect to find our detergent in stores as part of a local recycle/reuse program designed to reduce waste.


What is a zero waste product?
A zero waste product is compatible nature. In other words, it is a product that can be completely consumed, recycled, or reused in some other way without harming the environment.

How can I do my part?
• Ask local retailers to start carrying products that the manufacturer is doing their part to help the environment. (It starts with the manufacturer!)

• Find ways to start reusing and reducing the amount of trash you produce.            

• Recycle your glass, plastic, metal and paper products.          

• Compost your food remains.           

• Reuse and repurpose as many plastic, glass and/or metal containers.

• Bring your own water instead of using disposable plastic bottles that pollute our oceans, lakes and rivers.

• Plastic bags can be harmful, bring your own bags to the grocery store for products like tomatoes, avocados, nuts, and spices.

• Do you bring your own mesh or canvas bags and containers to bulk buy stores?

• Always buy products from companies that are actively try to reduce their impact on the environment.

These small, simple steps help you make a big impact on the environment.

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