Wool vs Alpaca Dryer Balls: What’s the Difference?

Wool vs Alpaca Dryer Balls: What’s the Difference?

Wool dryer balls and alpaca dryer balls are both natural alternatives to traditional dryer sheets and fabric softeners. They offer similar benefits but differ in terms of the material they are made from.


Alpaca dryer balls are made from the fleece of alpacas, which is a South American mammal similar to a llama.

Whereas wool comes from Sheep farms. 


Alpaca fibers are often considered to be softer than wool, making alpaca dryer balls ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or those who prefer an extra gentle touch. Wool is good to use on heavy fabrics because of the texture and strength. 


Dryer balls made from alpaca roving instead of sheep’s wool are ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies. There are many people that cannot wear or use wool products because of sensitivities. Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t disturb people that have sensitive skin.


Both types of dryer balls work by absorbing moisture from your clothes, reducing drying time, and preventing static cling.

Alpaca wool is known to have faster drying capabilities than sheep’s wool, absorbing and wicking away moisture quickly.

Overall, both products work well in terms of drying and eliminating static, and you can add essential oils to both alpaca or wool dryer balls in order to give your clothes a lingering scent.  

Ethical Considerations

When considering the environmental impact and animal welfare, some people prefer alpaca dryer balls because alpacas are known to have a smaller ecological footprint compared to sheep. 

Alpaca farms aren’t as common as sheep’s wool farms, their operations are smaller and more sustainable. Our alpaca balls come from a small farm located in the USA, where every alpaca has a name and is treated like part of the family. 

However, Rustic Strength wool dryer balls are sourced from a cruelty-free farm in Texas, and 100% made in the USA. 


Both wool and alpaca dryer balls offer similar benefits in terms of reducing drying time, softening clothes, and eliminating static cling, while being 100% dye and chemical free. 

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