Build Your Own Dish Soap Scent


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How does build your own scent work?

1st - You pick your scent(s)
2nd - we make it and ship it to your door.

Pretty simple.
• We recommend no more than 2 essential oils or aromatics
• The asterisk behind the name of the scents denotes our organic and natural aromatic compounds.


Dishes Great (this is great) Soap is a high foaming, low skin irritant, liquid dishwashing detergent used for glasses, plates, cutlery and cooking utensils that you hand wash in a kitchen sink or bowl.

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint as much as possible we sell this product in large quantities. Shipped to your doorstep will be a 16oz countertop-sized bottle of Dishes Great Soap along with a half gallon refill jug. If you prefer to reuse your own soap dispensers, you can order the refill jug separately. We currently do not sell the countertop-sized bottle on its own.