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Alpaca Fleece Wool Dryer Ball Kit

Alpaca Fleece Wool Dryer Ball Kit

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Alpaca fleece wool dryer ball kit comes with 5 balls and 1 oz essential oil.  Each scent matches our laundry detergent.  If you are sensitive to smells and just need the dryer balls we have that as an options as well.

Our alpaca fleece dryer balls are made from soft, 100% alpaca fleece fiber.  Just like sheering a sheep for wool dryer balls doesn’t hurt the sheep, neither does sheering an alpaca. In fact, they actually kind of like it.  Most sheering on the farm is done in the spring so that during the summer the alpacas can stay cooler.

We get our alpaca dryer balls from a farm in the United States.  Barlow, Zayne, Echo, Lulu, Cactus and Opal are the alpacas that provide us with fleece.

Each ball is hand processed using nylon, which is why they form a “belly button” hole where the nylon was to be cut away.  They are approximately 2-3 inches across (roughly the size of a tennis ball). Alpaca’s coats are made from hollow fibers of hair; they absorb moisture and can decrease drying time. Reducing drying time saves money and protects delicate fabrics. Additionally, the fiber in the dryer balls does NOT break down over time, meaning they will last you for years.

Alpaca fleece wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to dryer sheets. Dryer sheets can be laced with all sorts of nasty chemicals that can cause all sorts of health problems. Because they are hypoallergenic, these dryer balls are perfect for baby clothing and for people with sensitive skin.

Using dryer balls is easy; simply throw 3 balls in for small loads and 5 balls in for a large load. As they tumble around, the alpaca balls keep your laundry separated. This reduces drying time, decreases static cling, and helps collect more lint. The coarseness of alpaca wool causes a gentle friction that softens fabric fibers and makes large items, like comforters, blankets, and towels, fluffier.

Once you have retrieved your alpaca balls from all the places they like to hide in your clothing, simply store them inside your dryer for your next use. 

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