Because Periods Happen Solution for Reusable Menstrual Pads 8 oz refill


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To use the Because Periods Happens™ solution, simply pour a little solution on the used portion of the pad and let it soak in. You can place the used pad in your wet bag or pouch for storage until you are ready to do the laundry.  Launder with other garments turning the wet bag inside out.  Hang dry all pads and wet bag.  If you still see some residual stains, you may soak the pad in the BPH solution again and rewash.  Line dry them in the sun for a natural bleaching effect. 

Caution - Do not allow solution in the bottle to be exposed to the sun light or leave the bottle uncapped.  It will not work any longer if this happens.
Keep your 8 oz bottle by your laundry machine or in your bathroom area to quickly use on garments.
Also, the squeeze top is easy to refill your 3oz travel size bottle