Build Your Own Hand Soap Scent


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How does build your own scent work?

1st - You pick your scent(s)
2nd - we make it and ship it to your door.

Pretty simple.
• We recommend no more than 2 essential oils or aromatics
• The asterisk behind the name of the scents denotes our organic and natural aromatic compounds.


Custom developed with hard work and lots of research, we have taken the time to perfect our own exclusive hand soap that’s distinctively Rustic Strength. Its silky smoothness creates a rich texture; it lathers unlike any other soap you’ve used before. Our unique formula uses a natural moisturizer that will leave your hands feeling clean and refreshed. Because we use essential oils to scent our products, the vibrant aromas you smell are 100% real and 100% good for you. There are no carcinogens, no endocrine disruptors, and nothing toxic or harmful. Rustic Strength Hand Soap is good for you and for the environment. It’s a powerful and healthy soap that’s made in the Ozarks and shipped right to your door.