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Caesium | Perfumes by Tanoko Tonic

Caesium | Perfumes by Tanoko Tonic

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Caesium | contrast of cool and warm notes, a spicy then sweet unisex cologne-like aroma

Created in collaboration with niche indie perfume brand Tanoko Tonic these perfumes are made of essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances. Each one is made by hand and is 100% vegan, gluten-free, BHT-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, dye-free, sulfate-free

How re-fillable perfume works:

  1. Purchase your sample pack
  2. Test your samples! Decide which scents you like
  3. Order a full-size bottle (15ml / .5oz)
  4. Once your bottle is empty, ship it back to us
  5. We will refill your bottle with the same scent and ship it back to you at a discounted price

Concentration is 15% (commonly called 'eau de toilette'). Good scent presence for up to 12 hours of wear.

The Inspiration

"Caesium is my favorite element. It is a sparkling, golden metal that is highly volatile and would liquify in the palm of your hand. It is ultra dangerous yet staunchly important to modern life.

This unisex perfume came about accidentally, but I knew as soon as I smelled it that it was exactly what I had imagined in my head for years...the smell of caesium. The strong pepper opening bites your nose, and represents the sparkle of the element. Slightly metallic, of course, it is a metal after all. The heat of a fire poke through, warning you of the potential danger of the element.

But its volatility is fleeting, slowly, softly, melting just as actual caesium would. The base is golden sweet- a musky wood accord with a good amount of amber to back it.

Representing the anonymous ubiquity of the element, the base is an amalgamation of the profiles found in the most cutting edge fragrances currently produced...sweet, woody, contrast to its sharp, cutting top the base is warm and delectable.

Caesium is a beautifully volatile fragrance that can be worn by anyone. Spraying it creates vibrancy- an enthusiastic jump start to the day that slowly mellows over time.  Just like the element it is with you always, staying relevant throughout the day; synchronizing and optimizing all the things taken for granted by modern society....Caesium is a perfume that makes you appreciate the little things in life."

- Tanoko Tonic

Prominent Notes

"Sweet Orange, Fire, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Metallics, Sweet Amber, Cedarwood, & Musk.

In the first 2 hours of wear you will smell the clean, sharp spice of pepper.

After approximately 2 hours the pepper melts into a base of sweetly toned woody notes- soft amber and musk

The smell is lightweight, clean, and quite sophisticated. Unique from other spice perfumes, this one is not heavy or musty. It smells uplifting, not overpowering."

Tanoko Tonic

Tips for Maximizing Lasting Power

"The amount of time the perfume lasts on your skin is the SAME regardless of whether you use one spray or the whole bottle. The difference is not in lasting power, but the STRENGTH of scent and how far that scent will travel.

You are a human, not a test strip! While test perfumes may last 30+ hours on a piece of paper, that does not mean they will last that long on you! If you apply the perfume where it can be rubbed off or washed off it will not last long at all!

**After testing to make sure it won't stain your clothes first** Applying perfume to a coat or other piece of clothing that isn't washed often is a surefire way to make your perfume last as long as possible"

Tanoko Tonic

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