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Dishes Great Soap | Winter Essential Oils

Dishes Great Soap | Winter Essential Oils

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For our new winter gift collections, we've paired our most popular and new winter blends of 100% essential oils with our Dishes Great Soap. Each decorative 8 oz amber glass bottle contains a unique, comforting seasonal aroma... 


Sweet Orange & Warm Spices, a blend of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice & vanilla essential oils

Wintergreen Candy, a snowy blend of wintergreen, peppermint & camphor essential oils

Christmas Forest, a blend of pine, fir, cypress, petitgrain, ginger & cedar essential oils

Bay Spice, a blend of nutmeg, allspice, bay, balsam, fir & clove essential oils


Want to mix & match with our Laundry & Dish Washing Liquid? Build your own gift set here.


What is the true gift? When offering soaps that contain no harsh chemicals, perhaps it is the gift of health. The pleasing bottle that becomes its own decoration? To be re-used or re-purposed long after winter? Or perhaps it is how you are transported to a dried citrus and sweet spiced haven when it's time to pitch in with your family's post-dinner dishwashing? 


All Winter Essential Oil Blends are also available in any other size in Build Your Own Hand Soap, Laundry Detergent, & Dishwashing Liquid, along with additional holiday scents:

- Cinnamon Leaf

- Butter Cookie

- Clove

- Fir Needle

- Cinnamon Bark

- Pine Needle

- Vanilla ( Rich Bourbon )

- Vanilla ( Sweet Buttery )

- Pumpkin Spice


Our Dishes Great Soap is made with mild, but strong surfactants (think gentle giant) that work hard at getting your dishes clean.  It also has built-in moisturizers to help protect the skin so hands don't become dry and cracked after doing the dishes.  We use the least amount of preservative possible while keeping in mind the amount of transfer the product might go through.  If you have sensitive skin customers you will our unscented Dishwashing Liquid with no essential oils added in. 

Biodegradable • Ecofriendly • pH balanced • Plant-based formula 

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