Looking for natural, plant-based, hypoallergenic, safe personal care products
for your household, with low-waste bulk options and recycled packaging? 

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Are you a bulk refillery, refill shop, zero-waste store 
or farmer’s market pop up looking for to browse our full collection
of wholesale plant-based soaps, environmentally conscious personal care and household goods?

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What makes Rustic Strength unique? 

Rustic Strength is a family owned and operated company
that offers environmentally conscious soap and health products. 
We ship direct to individuals and also partner with re-fill stores around the world 
so communities can have access to powerful, healthy soap
that was made and distributed low/zero waste.

We were the first and are one of the only producers
to offer a true Close The Loop Program™.
For businesses, we credit the return of our empty containers
for us to clean for re-fill and reuse—again and again!
And now household shoppers can buy new soap discounted 20%
in pre-loved containers.  And they can also be sent back for re-fill.
 What a pretty circle! All re-fill no land fill. 

Our Soap is VERY Strong 💪🏼😤✌🏼

It’s made by people who run races through mud. 

And it restores muck covered white shirts. So YEAH…it's very strong! 


Our Soap is Healthy For You 🥬

We offer soaps with 💯% essential oils

for vibrant aromas that are 💯% real and good for you.  

Un-fragranced, hypoallergenic soap is also available!

Our plant 🌱 based soap formula is FREE of harmful ingredients

found in many of the leading soaps...

...you will never find any: 

🚫 parabens / xenoestrogens which have been linked to cancer

🚫 perfume – can cause headaches, irritation to eye, nose,
and throat; nausea; forgetfulness, loss of coordination,
and other respiratory and/or neurotoxic symptoms

🚫 phthalates – can damage the liver,
kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system

🚫 SLS and SLES — irritates eyes, skin, and lungs.
Tested on animals and not environmentally friendly

🚫 dyes – skin irritant

🚫 gluten - allergic irritation for some people

Our Soap is Healthy for Our Environment 🌳

✅ Vegan
✅ Not Tested On Animals, No Animal Ingredients 🐰
✅ Biodegradable Planet-Based Formula
✅ Low Waste Company:
- Closed Loop

- Offering more soap and less plastic with
bulk options to refill existing soap dispensers

- Our bottles are often sourced from other company’s overstock

- We re-use cardboard boxes shipped to us from the Close The Loop Program by shredding them to package shipments we send out.

- We print our labels on a made to order basis, so there aren’t any wasted.
Then before recycling our label sticker sheet backs, we use them for note taking or take them home for our kids to draw on.

- We make our soap by hand to order in smaller batches.
So we don’t over produce excess that might get wasted and so you know you have fresh product

Our soap is always at its most affordable price 💰

NO coupon and sale schemes.
Other companies set higher prices, so that they can market discounts and sales for shoppers feel urgency 
to buy "before they miss out". We don't do that. With Rustic Strength, you'll always have our lowest price.
To shop whenever YOU want, no coupon required.

Family made, by hand in the Ozarks

Made in the US 🇺🇸