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Sustainable Wool Scrub

Sustainable Wool Scrub

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Luxurious anti-microbial sponge alternative for face, bodydishes, surfaces & fruit.  Produced on a carbon-capturing regenerative farm in the USA. 

Why Wool | Coarse wool is an ideal sponge alternative for many reasons. It repels odors and has antimicrobial & anti-fungal qualities, preventing it from getting smelly. Its moisture-wicking ability allows for quick drying. Since coarse wool is felted, it becomes even more scrubby with use. Wool is a durable, biodegradable natural fiber that outlasts synthetic fibers and does not contribute to the microplastic crisis. Most users report 6 months to a year per sponge.

Scrub Care | Wash with soap and warm water after each use, then air dry. Optional to use a dishwashing machine. Machine users have found this shortens the wool scrub’s life to around 4 months. Do not wash in the laundry machine. Placing in the sun periodically can further sanitize and return white color. It will tighten with first use and remain the size of a regular dish sponge. Firmness may increase over time to gain scrubbing power. Once worn thin, compost them.

Regenerative Farm | The sheep who grew this wool spend their whole lives on open pastures. Seasonally sheared, the wool is then washed and handmade into these scrubs and our dryer balls without any bleach processing. This family farm has been deemed Climate Beneficial by Fibershed, which ensures eco-friendly practices through a certified Carbon Farm Plan. This plan prioritizes land stewardship and long-term climate benefits over short-term profit.

Label printed on 100% compostable grass paper

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Customer Reviews

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Not what I expected, falls apart easily


First for me not bad

Stephanie Polk (Indianapolis, US)
Wool scrub

I was a little disappointed when hairs from the wool scrub were all over my fruit and I had to pick it off. I'm not sure if I am using it incorrectly.


Love love love


Scrubs well