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Alpaca Dryer Balls ( 3 pack )

Alpaca Dryer Balls ( 3 pack )

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New, improved Alpaca Dryer Balls

• 2x larger & denser than before
• Increases static reduction
• Better clothing separation
• Sustainably farmed in the USA
• Ideal for those allergic to wool

A humane haircut | Our alpaca fleece dryer balls are made from soft, 100% alpaca fleece fiber. Sheering an alpaca does not harm it. In fact, they actually kind of like it. Most sheering on the farm is done in the spring so the alpacas can stay cooler during the summer.

The Fleece | Alpaca coats are made from hollow fibers of hair; this hair can absorb moisture and decrease drying time. Reducing drying time saves money and protects delicate fabrics. Additionally, the fiber in the dryer balls does NOT break down over time, meaning they will last you for years.

Using dryer balls is easy | Simply throw 3 balls a load of laundry. As they tumble around, the alpaca balls keep your laundry separated. This reduces drying time, decreases static cling, and helps collect more lint. The coarseness of alpaca wool causes a gentle friction that softens fabric fibers and makes large items, like comforters, blankets, and towels, fluffier. Once you have retrieved your alpaca balls from all the places they like to hide in your clothing, simply store them inside your dryer or the box they came in until your next use.

Scenting | Add a few drops of essential oil to your dryer balls for a faint lingering smell on your fresh laundry. The amount of drops depends on your desired scent strength.

Fully compostable | When you’re ready to retire your dryer balls, you can do so in your own backyard. They will break down naturally without assistance. Perfume-Free ∙ Dye-free ∙ Hormone disruptor-Free ∙ Carcinogen-Free — and simply Worry Free

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Add these to your dryer balls to boost laundry scent:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kristin H. (Brookfield, US)
Saves Time

Wonderful! My clothes dry faster and the oils for scent are fantastic with the bonus of being so much better for your health.

Alexis (Pittsburgh, US)
Love using these!

Absolutely love my switch over to the alpaca dryer balls. They make my clothes soft, leave them static free, reduce wrinkles, and cuts my drying time in half! Absolutely love the ability to use essential oils on the balls to add some nice scent to my clothes.

Lou Ann Pue (Apex, US)

The alpaca wool dryer balls work well.

Sandra Re (Eugene, US)
Perfect size and weight

These alpaca balls really do help dry the laundry and keep it fluffy! They’re great to use with essential oils!

Taylor Donahue (Waukon, US)
Best Dryer Balls

I absolutely love these dryer balls. They don’t smell, or hold moisture like others I’ve tried. They also cut my drying time literally in half and my clothes aren’t static clinging to anything! High recommend these!