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Castile Soap - Ultra Concentrate | Unscented

Castile Soap - Ultra Concentrate | Unscented

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Ultra Concentrated Castile Soap made from renewable organic oils and aloe.

  • More concentrated than leading Castile brands
  • Dilute for many uses
  • No harsh chemicals
  • GMO-Free
  • Organic Trade Association

Versatile | Multipurpose Cleaner ∙ Pet Wash ∙ Makeup Remover ∙ Cleaning Artists Brushes ∙ Wound Cleaning ∙ Deodorant ∙ Dish Soap ∙ Window Cleaner ∙ Baby Wipe Solution ∙ Shampoo ∙ Face Wash ∙ Body Wash ∙ Hand Soap ∙ Shaving ∙ Foot Bath ∙ Laundry Detergent ∙ Bath ∙ Sinus Decongestion ∙ Toilet Cleaner ∙ Ant Spray ∙ Fruit & Veggie Rinse ∙ Teeth Cleaner ∙ Play Spray for Bugs ∙ Makeup Brush Cleaner ∙ Mouthwash ∙ Scouring Scrub ∙ Mop Floors + more

For full directions on our Castile Soap uses, visit our blog.

A little goes a long way | The signature honey-like tone and thickness you see are a result of the ultra-concentration. This soap is designed for extra long-lasting use, unlike most Castile soaps on the market that are thin or waterySee the difference for yourself. We highly recommend dispensing with a pump.

Organic oils + more | Crafted with organic oils, organic aloe, water, potassium hydroxide, and citric acid. Coconut oil is used for its cleaning and lathering properties, sunflower and olive oil for a soothing, gentle feel, and castor for additional lathering and fluffy bubbles. The blending of organic aloe adds a soft and hydrating finish. 

Toxin + Irritant Free | Ditch the toxins and irritants found in most soaps. Our Castile Soap is hypoallergenic and completely dye-free ∙ perfume-free ∙ SLS-free ∙ SLES-free ∙ sulfate-free ∙ paraben-free ∙ phthalate-free ∙ 1,4-dioxane-free ∙ ethoxylated alcohol-free ∙ optical brightener-free ∙ filler-free ∙ petroleum-free ∙ palm oil-free ∙ gluten-free ∙ hormone disruptor-free ∙ carcinogen-free — and simply worry-free.

Mama + Baby Safe | Babies' sensitive skin can easily become irritated by harsh chemical residue left on clothes, blankets, and cloth diapers from most laundry detergents. Our Castile Soap is made without harsh chemicals or added scents. Unscented is the best choice for babies because even a mild scent can cause them irritation. Unscented is also the safest for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas! To see our other unscented baby-safe products, visit Mama + Baby Safe.



Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Castor Oil

Organic Sunflower Oil

Organic Aloe

Potassium Hydroxide

Citric Acid

Close The Loop Refill Program

Please send Rustic Strength Containers to:
403 N Oak Ave
Mansfield, MO 65704

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Dora Martinez (Yucaipa, US)

Cleans very well while diluting with distilled water… added essential oil for a citrus clean smell! Would highly recommend!

Amber (Phoenix, US)

I use this for dishes, laundry, all purpose cleaner, shampoo, body wash and more! Absolutely love it and definitely recommend! Life changing, really.

Jana Joy (Houston, US)
Very Pleased With The Consistency and Versatility!

I recently purchased the 5 gallon container of the Ultra Concentrated Castille Soap and am super happy with it. The consistency is perfect! Not too runny like some others, but not so thick as to make mixing it difficult. I immediately filled all of the dispensers in my house with it and use it almost exclusively now. Even use it to bathe my yorkie!

Glenda Pitcher (Caledonia, US)
I love this soap

This is the best Castile soap I ever bought. I will continue to buy it. I know it is natural and that is great! I bought the glass jug. I looks nice in my washroom!

MP (DeFuniak Springs, US)
Great soap

I like mixing the Castile soap with the un-bleach to clean tubs and sinks. I really love that there’s no fragrance!!