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Organic Fabric Softener

Organic Fabric Softener

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Organic, Non-GMO Fabric Softener. Made from renewable plant-derived ingredients.

Natural softening + more | Keep your washing machine smelling fresh and clean  with no leftover softener smell on your clothing after use and more:

  • Loosens soap buildup the same way it does dirt
  • Softens fabrics without harsh chemicals like those found in most fabric softeners.
  • Reduces static, making lint and pet hair less likely to cling to your clothing.
  • Loosens aluminum chloride, as well as minerals like zinc and salt - which helps keep dirt from sticking to clothing.
  • Antibacterial properties make it ideal for laundry and act as a deodorizer for your clothes.
  • Works in regular and he (high efficiency) washing machines
  • 100% biodegradable

No build-up | Unlike conventional chemical softeners, this actually keeps your laundry machine fresh and working like new, instead of clogging it up with toxic residue. 

Mama + Baby Safe | Babies' sensitive skin can easily become irritated by harsh chemical residue left on clothes, blankets, and cloth diapers from most laundry detergents. Our Organic Fabric Softener is made without harsh chemicals or added scents. Unscented is the best choice for babies because even a mild scent can cause them irritation. Unscented is also the safest for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas! To see our other unscented baby-safe products, visit Mama + Baby Safe.

Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International   ∙ Certified NON-GMO by the NON-GMO Project.


Fill fabric softener dispenser or fabric softener ball with 100% Organic Fabric Softener. There is no left over fabric softener smell on clothing after use.


Acetic Acid (vinegar, derived from sugar cane)

Charcoal Filtered Deionized Water (water)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Tanya Mack (Edison, US)
Good to go

Happy to be using organic cleaning products

Kylanne Camiscioni (Denver, US)
Clean and effective

I love this softener! It feels so nice knowing that I’m putting natural, clean ingredients in my wash cycle and my clothes come out so soft. Definitely follow the recommendations for how much to put in. At first I put in too little and they weren’t as soft but once I did, they are so so soft!

MB (Manchester, US)
Fabric softnert

I did not read the ingredients before i purchased this product. I use vinegar as it is. So in my eyes i purchased over priced vinegar. Works fine.

Karla Leonard (Casper, US)
I love the idea of it!

I love this product!! Clothes feel clean. The towels are fluffy when they come out of dryer. The only reason I am give a four star and not a five star is the laundry can come out with static.


Love that softener it really makes your cloths so soft and fresh smelling .