Frequently Asked Questions about laundry detergent

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is your detergent high efficiency and top load machine friendly?

Yes. Our product is formulated for conventional, top load, front load and high efficiency washing machines.

2. How much laundry detergent should I use per load?

Small load or quarter of your wash machine is filled – 1 oz of detergent (1 pump)
Medium load or half of your wash machine is filled – 2 oz of detergent (2 pumps)
Large load or your washing machine is FULL – 4 oz of detergent (4 pumps)

3. What makes Rustic Strength’s laundry detergent better than other brands like Tide™, All™, Ecos™ or Purex™?

Ingredients! We do NOT use any cheap fillers to make our product.   We only use quality 1st step ingredients and nothing more. Our product is a clear and clean formula with no additives to harm you or the environment.

4. What makes Rustic Strength’s laundry detergent natural?

This simple ingredient octyl dimethyl amine oxide is what makes Rustic Strength not only natural but also a plant-based detergent. Octyl dimethyl amine oxide is derived from palm kernel oil or coconut. It is a surfactant that helps breaks up surface tension in liquids, which in turn makes them clean.


5. There are so many laundry detergents on the market what make Rustic Strength so different?

A lot of detergents on the market use fragrances or perfumes to scent their line of products. Fragrances and perfumes have phthalates and those can cause liver, kidney, lung and reproductive system damage. It also gives you a false since of clean. You don’t need a lingering smell to know your clothes are clean. With Rustic Strength detergent you can feel it!

6. Does it really clean better than other detergents on the market?

We have heard from many of our customers on how it out performs any other detergent they have EVER used.

7. Why do you use deionized water?

The deionization process removes mineral ions such as sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chloride and sulfate to make the water as PURE as possible. 

8. Why do you not make pods for your laundry detergent?

We believe our end user to be intelligent enough to measure out a proper dose for their laundry needs. With pods there is no control over the dosage amount and we know you are not always doing the same size load every time. This ensures you are not overdosing your laundry detergent and you are getting the most efficient wash possible.

The manufacturing of pods adds more cost to the processing of laundry detergent and frankly we don’t want to increase our costs any more than we have to.