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Panda Eco Paper | Bamboo Paper Towels

Panda Eco Paper | Bamboo Paper Towels

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Toxin-free, minimally processed, and never bleached. Better for body and environment.

  • Certified PFA-Free
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Septic-Safe
  • Black and Greywater Safe
  • 100% Unbleached, real brown bamboo color

Panda Eco Paper vs Another Leading Brand of Paper Towels | Ours is certified PFAS-free (No forever chemicals), certified formaldehyde-free, and certified heavy metal-free. Last but not least, we are absolutely tree-free, no paper wrapping here!

Is your Bamboo organic? | While this product is not USDA "certified" organic, bamboo is naturally "organic" because of its innate defenses against pests and diseases; an antimicrobial substance called "kun" helps protect it from harmful organisms. The bamboo farms we are sourcing from do not use any pesticides, unlike other commercial bamboo operations.

The Farms | We are sustainably sourced; our bamboo comes from ethical farms that do NOT utilize slave labor. The ground itself is not mono-cropped and is not replacing forest space. It is a carbon-negative production that does not disrupt wildlife (pandas) or nature (old-growth/protected forest). The farms let their bamboo grow naturally.

Toxin + Irritant Free |  Commercial paper towels often contain undisclosed hidden chemicals. Our paper towels are Paraffin-Free ∙ Wax-free ∙ Formaldehyde-free ∙ Dioxane-free ∙ PEGs-free  PFAS-free ∙ Perfume-free ∙ Fragrance-free ∙ Chlorine-free ∙ Bleach-free ∙ Heavy metal-free ∙ PCP-free  — and simply worry-free. 

Soft | Unlike other bamboo or "eco" type paper towel our paper towel is extra thick and has a very soft feel, you only need a few sheets! Made from 100% renewable organic bamboo = no harsh chemicals. 

Sustainable | Because bamboo is amazing, it grows faster than a tree and has a far lower carbon footprint. Bamboo absorbs more c02 and creates more oxygen over its lifespan than trees! Bamboo also biodegrades back into the environment much faster than other paper-type products.

Safe for use. Anywhere |  It is 100% biodegradable. Enjoy it at home, at work, while camping, or RVing with a septic tank. Anywhere. The inner tube/roll is also 100% bamboo. Perfect for crafts or other fun projects and completely biodegradable.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa (Fort Edward, US)
Very well made, tough and strong

Better than any other natural paper towel I have tried. We don't use a lot of paper products in our home, but we do to dry food, meats etc. The thought of using a bleached out paper on foods scares me, using rustic strength gives us peace of mind. They hold up well compared to most other brands, very strong.