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Panda Eco Paper | Bamboo Paper Towels

Panda Eco Paper | Bamboo Paper Towels

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Toxin-free, minimally processed, and never bleached. Better for body and environment.

  • Certified PFAS-Free
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Septic-Safe
  • Black and Greywater Safe
  • 100% Unbleached, real brown bamboo color

Panda Eco Paper vs Another Leading Brand of Paper Towels | Ours is certified PFAS-free (No forever chemicals), certified formaldehyde-free, and certified heavy metal-free. Last but not least, we are absolutely tree-free, no paper wrapping here!

Is your Bamboo organic? | While this product is not USDA "certified" organic, bamboo is naturally "organic" because of its innate defenses against pests and diseases; an antimicrobial substance called "kun" helps protect it from harmful organisms. The bamboo farms we are sourcing from do not use any pesticides, unlike other commercial bamboo operations that may.

The Farms | We are sustainably sourced; our bamboo comes from ethical farms that do NOT utilize slave labor. The ground itself is not mono-cropped and is not replacing forest space. It is a carbon-negative production that does not disrupt wildlife (pandas) or nature (old-growth/protected forest). The farms let their bamboo grow naturally.

Toxin + Irritant Free |  Commercial paper towels often contain undisclosed hidden chemicals. Our paper towels are Paraffin-Free ∙ Wax-free ∙ Formaldehyde-free ∙ Dioxane-free ∙ PEGs-free  PFAS-free ∙ Perfume-free ∙ Fragrance-free ∙ Chlorine-free ∙ Bleach-free ∙ Heavy metal-free ∙ PCP-free  — and simply worry-free. 

Soft | Unlike other bamboo or "eco" type paper towel our paper towel is extra thick and has a very soft feel, you only need a few sheets! Made from 100% renewable organic bamboo = no harsh chemicals. 

Sustainable | Because bamboo is amazing, it grows faster than a tree and has a far lower carbon footprint. Bamboo absorbs more c02 and creates more oxygen over its lifespan than trees! Bamboo also biodegrades back into the environment much faster than other paper-type products.

Safe for use. Anywhere |  It is 100% biodegradable. Enjoy it at home, at work, while camping, or RVing. Anywhere. The inner tube/roll is also 100% bamboo. Perfect for crafts or other fun projects and completely biodegradable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Kim McBride (Dallas, US)

I love these paper towels. I believe they are toxin free and they are absorbent. Great product.

Adriana (Lake Forest, US)
It’s extremely soft

I love these paper towels for my kitchen and everyday life

Charity Pimental-Hyams (New York, US)
We use a lot of towels but sometimes we just want to throw away the mess!

These paper towels stay together and when you wipe your child’s face with them you know that they are safe!

Sonia Salvador (Fontana, US)

I love these paper towels. It doesn't leave any lint behind and are very absorbent. Also, the fact that bamboo is a better choice for the environment.

Anita Fagin (Tampa, US)

Although the price is high, I really like the toilet paper and paper towels.There stronger than regular paper towels and toilet paper.