Collection: Laundry

The sustainable and health-minded are looking to get back to a simpler lifestyle, by using non-toxic, color-safe, supplies on their clothing.  

Rustic Strength's liquid laundry detergent is derived from renewable resources, plant derivatives, and synthetic processing.  A laundry detergent that is scented with essential oils (if scented) and/or phthalate-free fragrance oils.  It is paraben-free, dye-free, and truly hypoallergenic for a clean and simple laundry experience. 

Safe to use in conventional and/or hE washing machines.  
Also safe for RV's, motor homes, coaches, travel trailers, and camper washing machines.

What Makes Our Products Unique? Rustic Strength’s liquid laundry detergents are free from the following nasty ingredients.

• parabens – xenoestrogens (agents that mimic estrogen) that have been linked to cancer
• perfumes – 15 – 20% perfume essence (concentrated fragrance)
• fragrances with phthalates – some can be toxic (phthalates); perceived clean vs real clean because of the smell
• phthalates – can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system
• SLS and SLES can irritate eyes, skin, and lungs. Tested on animals and not environmentally friendly
• dyes – skin irritant
• brighteners- chemicals that remain on the clothes to absorb UV light (naphthotriazolystilbenes, benzoxazolyl, diaminostilbene, disulfonate)