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Automatic Dishwasher Powder

Automatic Dishwasher Powder

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Strong working Automatic-Dishwasher Powder. Made from renewable plant + Earth mineral-derived ingredients.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Loves any dishwasher
  • Cleans and shines dishes
  • Cleans inside of your dishwasher, too

Micro-Plastic Free | Unlike dishwasher pods with potential microplastic concerns, our 100% biodegradable powder ensures a clean conscience and clean dishes. You can be confident it won't break down into harmful microplastics that pollute our water and enter the food chain.

100% concentrated & free of water | More dishwasher loads and less water and we all save fuel and money, by not shipping water. 

Toxin + Irritant Free | Ditch the toxins and irritants found in most soaps. Our Automatic Dishwasher Powder is hypoallergenic and completely sodium hypochlorite-free ∙ hydrozincite ∙ wetting agent-free ∙ sodium tripolyphosphate-free ∙ anti-foam-free ∙ fragrance-free ∙ alcohol alkoxylates-free ∙ polyacrylates-free ∙ perfume-free ∙ sulfate-free ∙ paraben-free ∙ phthalate-free ∙ 1,4-dioxane-free ∙ optical brightener-free ∙ dye-free ∙ filler-free ∙ gluten-free ∙ hormone disruptor-free ∙ carcinogen-free — and simply Worry Free.

Small Batch Fresh | Our Dishwasher Powder is produced daily at our family-run factory in The Ozarks, USA — arriving to you made the same week.

Mama + Baby Safe | Unscented is the safest option for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas! It is also best for around babies. To see all unscented cleaning products, visit Mama + Baby Safe.

How To Use

Works in any dishwasher model, mode setting, or dish load.

Fill your dishwasher's detergent receptacle, then begin wash cycle.


Sodium Percarbonate • non-chlorine oxygen bleach, whitener

Sodium Carbonate • washing soda, cleaner

Sodium Citrate • salt, prevents cloudiness

Sodium Metasilicate • salt, removes organic matter on dishes

Sodium Chloride • salt, removes spots

Sodium Gluconate • salt, reduces water tension

Learn more about these ingredients on our blog.

Close The Loop Refill Program

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Clean & Works

I have been switching over to nontoxic in my home or trying to at least! It has been hard to find nontoxic products that are affordable and that work. It has been especially difficult in the dishwasher detergent department. I have tried a few different brands but my family complained every time either the dishes didn’t clean or we got a gross white crust on everything, but RS fits the bill. The dishes are clean and sparkly! My family hasn’t even made a comment about this one so I think it will be a staple from now on!


It gets two stars because it smells good. The downside is it doesn't clean the dishes thoroughly unless I use 2 whole tablespoons. That's even with rinsing before putting in the dishwasher. I was super hopeful because for the price you get a lot! Unfortunately having to use so much at a time it's no longer cost effective to the other brand that requires just a single teaspoon.

Holly Malone (Wills Point, US)

Love it!

Dino Ali (Tampa, US)
Super natural and simple!

I love how natural and simple it is to use


Works wonders.