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Powder Laundry Detergent

Powder Laundry Detergent

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Deep-cleaning, powerful Powder Laundry Detergent.

  • Gentle on fabrics and the people they touch
  • Safe for the most sensitive skin
  • Dissolves invisible dirt & grime
  • Works in any washing machine

People + planet safe | People looking to distance themselves from toxins and allergens found in commercial detergents will find relief here.  Our detergent is hypoallergenic and completely dye-free, perfume-free, SLS-free, SLES-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, 1,4-dioxane-free, optical brighteners-free, filler-free, palm oil-free, gluten-free, hormone disruptor-free, carcinogen-free — and simply Worry Free. 

Mama + Baby safe | Babies have sensitive skin that can easily become irritated by the residue left behind on their clothes, blankets, and cloth diapers from commercial laundry detergents. Our Powder Laundry Detergent is made without harsh chemicals or added scents. Unscented is the best choice for babies because even mild cause irritation. Unscented is also the safest for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas! To see our other unscented baby-safe products, visit Mama + Baby Safe. 

Fully biodegradable | Because it will break down naturally it is safe to use anywhere...camping, adventuring, RVing, hiking, traveling abroad, or just at home our detergent will do the job! It is color-safe, septic-safe, and gray-water-safe. The rinse water is not toxic to aquatic life. Compatible with he (high efficiency) or standard machines. 

Small Batch Fresh | Our Powder Laundry Detergent is produced daily at our family-run factory in The Ozarks, USA — arriving to you made the same week.

Washing Directions

Do not overfill the laundry tub with garments.  It is best to work with a medium size load and about 4 oz of laundry detergent.  This was the garments tumble/swish around in the tub and get plenty of water and detergent to ensure a proper cleaning with no residue left behind. 

Small load -
2 oz (1/4 cup) of detergent

Medium load - 
4oz (1/2 cup) of detergent

Large load - 
8 oz (1 cup) of detergent

Stain Removal + Laundry Tips

Remove the toughest stains with Oxy Boost and Un-Bleach

Soften hard water and clean with Epic Washing Soda

Soften fabrics and remove odors with Organic Fabric Softener

Remove wrinkles and static with Alpaca Dyer Balls

Dilute our Castile Soap with distilled water for a re-useable baby wipe solution. 


Sodium Percarbonate • non-chlorine bleach, whitener

Sodium Carbonate • detergent

Sodium Bicarbonate • odor remover

Sodium Gluconate • binds metals together

Sodium Chloride • buffer, water softener

Learn more about our ingredients on our blog.

Close The Loop Refill Program

Please send Rustic Strength Containers to:
403 N Oak Ave
Mansfield, MO 65704

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

So far, so good! Have only been using for a few days, but laundry comes out clean and smells really fresh! No skin irritation or any allergy problems! My husband and my cats approve, seriously, a couple of my cats and my husband broke out in rashes from “a popular brand” detergent. Looks like we’ll be staying with Rustic Strength! My washer likes it better, too! No detergent film or odor! 👍😊

Sandra Ramirez (Canyon Country, US)
Love it!!!

I absolutely love this detergent it’s powerful it last forever and most importantly it’s made toxic free, I’m definitely recommending to friends and family!!

Evan Fort (Lincoln, US)
Gotta love less plastic

Having an option to bulk order powder detergents is great! Shipping water all over the country is a waste of so many resources. I hope they continue to develop additional bulk items.

Katie (Mundelein, US)
Thee the best

At first I was nervous because it produced no bubbles. Contacted support who was amazing and quick. And it turns out that this is the best laundry detergent I have tried. I feel the powder works better than the liquid form personally. My daughter gets everything all over her uniform shirts for school and this product not only keeps the whites, white! But takes out stains in one wash!! I do use 4 scoops the majority of the time as I usually have a large load. Will buy again!


Best detergent for mama and baby