Clean Climate, Clear Conscience

Minimal packaging, no plastic

FSC/ISO Certified

100% Bamboo


  • Creates no plastic pollution

    The process of making and distributing Panda Eco Paper does not use any plastic.

  • Does not contribute to deforestation

    Our products are made of 100% minimally processed real brown bamboo grown on ethical farms.

  • Saves water

    Growing bamboo does not consume as much water as other materials would. Bamboo uses 1/3 of the amount of water that trees use to grow.

  • Does not threaten the food source for pandas

    We use a different kind of bamboo then that which pandas eat. Additionally, our bamboo is not stripped from naturally occurring areas.

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Bamboo vs Tree Paper

Bamboo grows faster than any other plant. Some species can even grow 1.5 inches an hour.

Forests can take anywhere from 50 to 100 years to be fully reformed after a harvest, whereas bamboo only needs 3-5 years.

Deforestation needed for tree paper also releases carbon emissions. Bamboo can store up to 1.78 tons of carbon in one clump, per year.

How safe is your toilet paper?

Most toilet papers, (including recycled toilet paper and some other brands of bamboo toilet paper) are secretly coated in chemicals, Panda Eco Paper is not. 

With full ingredient transparency, you know what is going onto your body.

Commercial toilet papers are filled with PFAS that cannot be flushed away. These forever chemicals will never be included in Panda Eco Paper — Helping to keep waterways clean.