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Coconut Conditioner | Custom Made Scent

Coconut Conditioner | Custom Made Scent

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High-moisturizing hair Conditioner made with coconut oil and shea butter
  • Safe for all hair colors
  • Helps keep hair soft and manageable
  • Helps protect the hair shaft from damage
  • Suitable for normal to dry hair types
  • High concentration of active moisturizers and conditioners

Nourishing Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Complex | Both premium oils add moisture and help seal the hair shaft. They also help reduce that dry, flaky scalp feeling. Coconut oil is known to be high in essential fatty acids, and contains vitamin E. Shea butter is known for its high concentration of vitamins A, E, and F, and is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. Our nourishing conditioner is suitable for most hair types, including dry and fine. It’s suitable for daily use and helps balance your natural scalp oils.

Toxin + Irritant Free | Ditch the toxins and irritants found in most conditioners. Our Conditioner is hypoallergenic and completely dye-free ∙ perfume-free ∙ SLS-free ∙ SLES-free ∙ sulfate-free ∙ paraben-free ∙ phthalate-free ∙ 1,4-dioxane-free ∙ ethoxylated alcohol-free ∙ formaldehyde-free ∙ triclosan-free ∙ filler-free ∙ petroleum-free ∙ gluten-free ∙ hormone disruptor-free ∙ carcinogen-free — and simply worry-free.

Small Batch Fresh | Our conditioner is produced daily in small-batch, at our family-run factory in The Ozarks, USA. If you order gallon sizes, please allow up to a week for fulfillment

Kindly Note | Custom scents are your own creation. We do not accept returns if you are not satisfied with the scent you have made. If you are unsure about your potential scent combination, we recommend you trial our 4 Ounce Sample before committing to larger. 


    Pump desired amount (dependent on hair length) onto palm of hand. Spread conditioner on hands then, starting at the crown of head, swipe hands down to the end of hair line. Apply more to ends if needed. For best results, let it it sit for a few minutes. Rinse completely out of hair.

    How do I custom build my own scent?

    It's pretty simple! 

    In the drop down menus you'll be able to select two of our 50+ available scents

    We compound these two scents together and make sure they are compatible with/perform in our product. Our fragrance department has nearly a decade of experience working with scents, and will make sure that the two scents you chose can be smelled equally in the product you ordered

    There is no restriction on what scents can be ordered together- we aren't the smell police! We've built many unique scent combos and haven't gotten one that smells bad yet, so let your imagination run wild.

    Need scent inspiration?

    Some best sellers are:

    Grapefruit + Bergamot

    Tangerine + Lime

    Fir Needle + Orange

    Peppermint + Rosemary

    Like goes with like...Citruses smell great with other citruses, herbals blend well with other herbals.

    What gives my soap its scent?

    Your choice of –

    Pure essential oils • hand selected by us from small farms all around the world.


    Phthalate-free fragrance oils • aromatic compounds made of GRAS safe synthetics. Certified free of the 624 carcinogens and 323 reproductive/developmental toxins listed under the Prop 65 act.


    Charcoal Filtered Deionized Water • High purity water

    Cetearyl Alcohol • softens hair

    Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
    • moisturizes and seals

    Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit • moisturizes

    Cetyl Alcohol • softens, smooths hair

    Stearic Acid • veggie-based, gives satin feel

    Polyquaternium 7 • follicle conditioner. Formaldehyde-free

    Polysorbate 20 • plant-based formula stabilizer. USP, food-grade, kosher quality, containing no dioxane

    Glyceryl Stearate • veggie-based, protective barrier. PEG-free

    Phenyl Propanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Decylene Glycol • preservatives used sparingly, prevents bacteria from growing in container

    Essential Oils and/or Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils • scent

    Sodium Gluconate • helps hydrate scalp and follicles

    Learn more about these ingredients on our blog.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Not my favorite and did not seem to moisturize

    David Chaney (Carrollton, US)
    Bay Spice conditioner………great scent!

    Love the scent, I’ll be ordering some full size bottles soon.


    I wasn't impressed, and it has (No) scent at all. I ordered sandelwood scent.