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Home Bulk Refill Station

Bulk Refill Stations and bulk supplies for your home

What is a Bulk Refill Station?

     A bulk refill station is a concept that incorporates both economic and environmental conservation. Our system allows customers to refill their own jugs instead of purchasing a new one. This saves money and reduces environmental impact. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in its most basic concept. 


What is so great about bulk refill stations?

     Customers bring in their own clean containers and fill directly into their jug.  Saving the customer money and the environment from another empty plastic bottle.  It helps the retailer reduce shelf space by offering more product at one time. The customer can also purchase the amount they want vs a standard size placed by the manufacturer.

      The other great thing about our product and concept is, we do not use any parabens, perfumes, fragrances, phthalates, SLS/SLES, dyes or brighteners, and we only scent with 100% pure essential oils. 


So why put a Bulk Refill Station in your retail space?

     It’s cheaper for your customer, better for the environment, and way cooler than just picking up a pre-made bottle. Need more incentive? Our refill stations support local economies and help spread the word about reducing toxins and increasing a more natural product line. All in all, it is a modern take on reducing, reusing, and recycling that allows Rustic Strength™ to create products for lower prices!

     Once you have our initial bottle set up in place, refilling your 5 gallon jugs is quick and simple.  We use smart bottles, which are soft sided cubes that you collect and ship back to us for refills. Saving you, the retailer, money and reducing the environmental impact.

For more information, click here and fill out our wholesale application.  We will get back to you with in 24 to 48 hours.

Soap Refill Station in downtown Springfield, Missouri
Bulk Refill Station in Mama Jeans Sunshine Road, Springfield Missouri  Bulk refill station in Colorado Springs, Colorado
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